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E.MiLac Cozy Evening

E.MiLac Cozy Evening

E. MiLac Cozy Evening- the most fashionable colors of season!

  • A godsend for real women of fashion! Warm cozy colors of E. MiLac are recognized the most fashionable according to Panthone and have been already reflected in collections of worldwide famous designers.
  • Autumn is on trend! The combination of colors in nature in the early cold months bears the contemporary palette of the season: chocolate, exquisite dusty and innocently-gentle, warm grey-brown, creamy, amber — honey and graceful gray.
  • Fashion at your fingertips! The colors from the new collection E. MiLac Cozy Evening are specially designed to be suited by color with the homonymous collection of EMPASTA for creation of monochrome textures.