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Super Offer in February

Super Offer in February

<strong>Dear Ladies/Madams!</strong>

From February the 1st, it is possible again to buy <strong>5 gel paints + 1 for free!</strong>
«E.Mi» – is a line of gel paints made in Germany by special order, as well as decorations for nails, and company’s accessories for the job. To work with the production of «E.Mi» is so convenient that you can realize your any wildest dreams. Polymerization of the gel paints is 1 minute instead of paint that polymerize in seconds, which significantly reduces the operating time. Design can be applied immediately to all the nails, because a special texture of the gel paint  does not allow it to flow and you will always get such a result what you want. With products «E.Mi» it is easy to be a first-class master!

We have 26 colors of gel paints.
<h4>!February's offer does not include all white gel paints and black gel paint!</h4>
5 gel paints - 5 different colors of gel paints.
In case when you order 2 gel paints of the same color we calculate it as 1 color, but 2 gel paints. It means that you will pay for 2 gel paints of the same color.

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<h4>More information is by phone + 420 773 208 276 or by e-mail prague@emischool.com</h4>

Leader of the project: Ksenia Boyko.

<strong>Looking forward to seeing you at our store!</strong>
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