UdálostiActionHow to get a catalog "Effect craquelure" as a gift?
How to get a catalog  "Effect craquelure" as a gift?

How to get a catalog "Effect craquelure" as a gift?

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from June 6 to July 6 at the point of sales  «E.Mi» * when you buy  set craquelure" you get a catalog  "Effect craquelure", which gathered a collection of designs, that is shows  their sophistication and elegance.

Craquelure  - it is  crack the paint layer, which arises in the paintings under the influence time . In recent time  fashion trend transpired in nail design .A large number of coatings with the effect of cracking . However, the nail paint  does not give the possessor an opportunity for a long time to enjoy the design, just a few days.

Author technique Ekaterina Miroshnichenko  allows  to  make  craquelure picture  on your nails using gel ink (colored gels).


The offer is available at the following  sales offices :

Na Hr?zi 11, Praha 8, 180 00. Prague, Czech Republic.

Through the E-shop