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COMBI-STYLE Strengthening with E.Mi Gel System + E.MiLac

Strengthening with E.Mi Gel System + E.MiLac
Stylish combinations of technologies and systems for a flawless manicure.
UPGRADE for an in-demand nail master. All technologies and systems for strengthening and extension of natural nails.
Would you like to reduce the time spent on one client and get even higher quality in your results?
This course is for you, if you:

work with gel polish and gel
master different technologies, but not always know how to combine them
would like to work faster and better
watch master classes but do not want to experiment on clients
would like to gain more

The COMBI-STYLE course includes:

Hardware and mixed manicure
Strengthening with gel, gel polish, sealing.
Making a nail plate even and nail plate extension. Modelling WITHOUT FILING.
All kinds of E.MiLac gel polish coatings with “under cuticle” application: Classical, OMBRE, lunar manicure, French-coating, RUFFIAN. Ideal glistening.
What would your client like? A flawless “under cuticle” manicure. Perfect length, form and glistening. Without chips, cracks neither detachments.
What can you offer after COMBI-STYLE course?
The client-oriented solution.
Fast, verified, with a perfect result.
After the course you will be able to:

Work with a SINGLE rotary cutter
Perform the coating and sealing for natural nails
Make a nail plate even and make nails extension with E.MiLac Base gel
Perform a coating with “under cuticle” application and ideal glistening.
Are you ready to expand your toolkit and develop a good speed? Sign up for the COMBI-STYLE course right now.

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