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Courses1 levelPresentation of E.Mi Gel System

Presentation of E.Mi Gel System

Free master-class
1 day
Insight into E.Mi modeling

The system of modeling and strengthening is developed specially for beauty salons:
•    100% of self-modeling, minimum of filing;
•    Decrease working time;
•    Fast and simple procedures;
•    Easy for beginners.
You will see:
•    Salon express modeling;
•    Nails strengthening with sealing;
•    Arched modeling.

Free master-class
1 day
Insight into E.Mi gel paints.

At E.MiLac master-class you will learn how to apply correctly and remove E.MiLac, work with the products.
E.MiLac – Manicure Haute Couture:
It is a perfect product to create stylish decorative coating of E.Mi-manicure on natural nails.

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