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Courses1 levelNail Design. Presentation of New Products

Nail Design. Presentation of New Products

Free master-class
1 day
Secrets of a stylish E.Mi-manicure.

During the master-class on E.Mi brand new products you know about new nail design techniques, learn how to work with the E.Mi products, combine and mix materials in one manicure.
The master-class includes:
•    Ways of foil print, casting technique: double print, stamping. A new way of ideal glossy manicure.
•    PRINCOT Gel: foil and PRINCOT use;
•    Metallic manicure with TEXTONE E.Mi;
•    Liquid Stones Polymer and Gel – material capacity;
•    Cosy, exquisite and plain manicure using E.Mi Velvet sand;
•    A quick way to decorate nails by E.Mi – CHARMICON and Decoupage sliders E.Mi;
•    Work with natural nails. E.MiLac gradient.
•      Fashion Textures on nails using EMPASTA E.Mi. How to make stylish manicure very fast.
•    Winter collection of gel paints Season of Contrast and EMPASTA Fashion Textures.

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